Are You Proud of Yourself?

Are you proud of yourself? Have you ever thought about that? When we are young we have so many thoughts about the lives that we are going to have in the future. By the time I graduated from high school I knew that I wanted to be a few years into my career as a publicist or in law school (what I thought I wanted at the time), I wanted to be married by a certain age and I wanted to start having kids a few years after. Well I can say that I am nowhere near where I thought I would be career wise, and I don’t see a wedding in my foreseeable future. It really makes me wonder what my 17-year old self would think of my present life. I feel like she would be shocked, and wonder what happened. Honestly I think she would be disappointed in me, because I don’t have the life that she’d imagined.
Do you think of yourself as being where you want to be? Is anyone ever where they believe they should be or are we always striving to move forward? I can say that I am proud to have gone through some of the life events that have occurred (having a bad roommate, breaking up with someone, not being able to find a job after graduation, etc.) because I have learned that I have an inner strength that I never knew about before, and I am able to overcome much more than I could ever imagine or thought of at 17 while planning out my “perfect life”.
So don’t be discouraged because plans haven’t worked out or you’re not where you thought you would be in life. Be proud of yourself for overcoming the things that life hits you with because it just means that you have the strength to face whatever comes next.
And remember that while you may not be where you want to be, you are on your way to something great so strap up for the ride.


Empowerment of Exposure


“I found that the more truthful and vulnerable I was, the more empowering it was for me.”

– Alanis Morissette

Vulnerability takes a level of trust that most people do not have in a relationship. It takes courage to be vulnerable to someone. That kind of exposure can give someone the power to hurt you. To be that exposed is rare in relationships and usually only occurs after a deep level trust has been established. Vulnerability is a gift that makes us understand that we are not perfect but that we have faults and emotions and imperfections, that aren’t immune from being hurt.

The beauty of vulnerability is that it makes connect beyond the surface. How many people do you actually trust to not judge you or criticize you when you feel weak or sensitive? I can count on one hand the number of people that I trust that much. That kind of transparency is hard to get to. Vulnerability is buried deep inside most people, though some are not as shy with being vulnerable as others.

It takes true courage to be vulnerable and be okay with exposing one’s self to whomever the audience might be. I admire anyone that is able to share their deepest thoughts and feelings without fear of being taunted or looked at weirdly.

Since starting my new job I have made plenty mistakes and felt helpless at times, vulnerable or inept which really bothers me, but the people I work with are beyond supportive and positive, it makes me grateful to work in that kind of environment on a daily basis. I hate to feel like my weaknesses are exposed, but it is exactly that which makes me human and it’s okay to show that side of my vulnerability.

As human beings we need to be more supportive of others in vulnerable moments. We should support and encourage one another when we feel helpless and be okay with being vulnerable because it is nothing to be ashamed of. So stop keeping so much pent up or to yourself, you need to let go with someone you trust. Be vulnerable and open about your life with the people that you are able to and cherish those relationships because they are rare and special finds.


Spring Is That You?



Spring is one day away and even though I’m looking at a bunch of snow I’m still optimistic because I know that it has got to warm up sometime and when it does I’ll be ready, but for now I’ll just enjoy the idea of it being spring by date. Spring is the season of change, flowers begin to bloom, animals start to appear, as do bugs (not my favorite part), but to me spring represents hope. It’s a time to start over, begin again, take a new direction in life. I’ve noticed that with the new season’s arrival came change in my own life. With a new job opportunity and new people in my life, I’m feeling optimistic about the future and I’m excited to be able to wear sandals. (Hopefully soon!)

But without winter, spring would not be so welcome as the quote says. Winter can be looked at as cold, dreary and lifeless, but it’s really all about perspective. Winter makes spring even more desirable and significant. If there wasn’t a winter kind of cold, there would be no warmth of spring. Sure, fall air can be cool, but it’s never as cold as brisk a winter wind. We need winters, in order to prepare for springs. Imagine if everything went according to plan in your life, you would never cherish those almost perfect moments because they wouldn’t be significant. Every moment would be perfect because it’s exactly what you planned, no anticipation, no excitement or surprises just exactly what you imagined. That sounds perfectly boring to me.  Winters throw wrenches in the plans, create drama, add elements to life that you and I would never even be able to dream of, but what comes out of that? Life lessons. Winter builds character. We learn what we need to, realizing that we are able to accomplish things even when plans don’t work out. So thank the winter for making the spring so much more than it should be.

Speak Up, Time Waits For No One

megaphone-150254_640“When you give yourself permission to communicate what matters to you in every situation you will have peace despite rejection or disapproval. Putting a voice to your soul helps you to let go of the negative energy of fear and regret.”

― Shannon L. Alder

Tomorrow is not promised, I remember hearing these words in church on Sunday when the preacher wanted people to come to know Jesus. Truth be told tomorrow is something most individuals count on. We put things off because of tomorrow, we prepare for tomorrow assuming that tomorrow comes and we have been right so far, but not we aren’t always given another tomorrow to accept that new position, to see a loved one, or rekindle a relationship.

The best chance we have of making our lives what we want them to be is to seize today’s opportunities. Whatever it is we should be doing, we should do it now. Words like eventually, soon, someday are just fillers we use to give ourselves false hope of what we want to achieve when in actuality someday never comes and we are only able to measure how long it’s been since we started saying someday, but we don’t have a deadline for meeting that someday so we let it drift off further down the road until it meets never,  and once never hits there is no coming back.

Speaking up doesn’t come naturally to some. It may be hard to speak up in a circumstance, but it is the best way to make your voice known and to get your point across and the best time to speak up is now, but you may not have a second opportunity to. We let too many things pass us by from not speaking out. Regret is a terrible, especially regretting words that were never said.

We have to have the confidence to speak up and a sense of urgency to speak out in the moment. It is important to say what you feel, to advocate for yourself and fight the life that you want.  There is no progression without some sort of communication on your part as to what you want so do yourself a favor and say something!

Misplaced Keys (What’s Your Rush?)

man-40137_640Yesterday while driving home from work, then decided to stop by Target to get a couple things for work. Inside the store I rushed around grabbing what I came for quickly. I was so thankful that there wasn’t a line of people at the register, so I could check out without having to wait. I said “thank you,” grabbed my bag and started digging in my purse as I walked out of the store looking for my keys as I normally do. I have been careful to keep my keys in my purse when I get out of the car since I was 16 years old and locked them inside of my mother’s minivan while out at a party with some friends. That night is painstakingly ingrained into my memory and forced the habit of me checking and double checking my bag for my keys.

Fast forward to present day me and you have a much more responsible key-conscious individual usually, but not last night. Nope. Different story.

I was rushing, and why you ask? Because I was tired, and hungry after battling rush hour traffic trying to get colored-19520_640home just like everyone else. I thought I could just stop in Target pick up a few simple things and leave, but I was stranded because I couldn’t find my keys. My first instinct was to freak out and pound the alarm, but really what does an alarm do for missing keys? I then decided to contact my mother knowing that she has my spare. My mother told me to call my dad who was at home and could bring me the key… and I did. I sat on a bench about 20 minutes waiting for him to pull up, so I called his cell and he said he was trying the car door but the key wouldn’t work. I came outside and tried the key myself, but it would not turn the lock. I looked at the key and asked him if it was mom’s spare key or the one to my car, he wasn’t sure. Back home we went to check for another spare key, the correct one for my vehicle. We found it and headed back to Target to open my car up and check for the keys but they were nowhere to be found.

I was starting to panic, had someone picked up my keys and not turned them in? I checked customer service but to no avail, so I retraced my steps back to makeup, office supplies and women’s clothing. My keys were missing or worse stolen and I couldn’t do anything about it. The only bright spot was having the spare to take my car home. I walked outside to my dad’s car and the told him I had to go look inside one more time. He said “okay I’ll wait right here,” (gotta love my dad) and so I went back into the store said a little prayer to Jesus and began searching in the women’s clothing section where I picked up a couple of t-shirts. As I’m checking the third rack I spot my keys! There they were just laying on top of a pile of baby blue t-shirts waiting to be claimed. I was so excited I jingled my keys at the woman in customer service so she would know I had them and she smiled.

Just a little less rushing could have saved me half the time and all of the trouble of search for my missing keys. We misplace or forget things because of the rushing around we do. We should focus on the immediate because our future is never promised. It is better to take things slower and concentrate on you, than to rush, rush, rush just for the sake of time.