Nook or Kindle: Both…Neither?

I’ve been thinking about getting a e-reader tablet type thing this Christmas. It wasn’t something I’ve ever thought about until I talked with my boyfriend the other day about what I wanted for Christmas. Now I am a believer in books that you can hold in your hand. Even when it comes to reading articles online I prefer to read them after they’ve been printed out. Now I don’t print out every article I read and I only read blogs online, but when it comes to books, I have to be able to use my thumb and forefinger to turn the page.

After talking to my boyfriend, this little thought grew in my head. It was one of those “what if” moments, so I went online to look up the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet and some other variations of the two. What I found was interesting to say the least. I guess my love for books never transferred over to the side of technology.

I’ve seen plenty of comparisons of the kindles and nooks and I have to say that the reviews really don’t help much. They quote a lot of facts and everyone has their own opinion on each tablet or e-reader. The reviews didn’t help me make a decision, honestly I’m still not 100% sure which one I want!

Of course when you go to Barnes & Nobles they play up the features on their products and downplay Amazon’s. On Amazon’s website, I didn’t see anything about the competition which I look at as positive marketing towards your own product instead of negative marketing towards another. I’m glad that I took the time to look at both sites, and then third parties because each site had a different take. On top of that, those sites that review and compare both, do not come up with a definite answer as to which tablet is best! So I guess it’s up to me to decide.

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7 thoughts on “Nook or Kindle: Both…Neither?

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  2. I can definitely say go with the iPad 2. It smokes both the kindle and the nook, plus all the other great apps that give it more functionality. I just bought myself one for xmas and now use it to write my blog posts read the newspapers and comics.

    My job also uses them in the field to keep the force aligned and updated. Love your blog.

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  4. Patty – Great Blog!

    Neither, get the IPad 2 with wireless …. that would have been GREAT for my trip. And I would have saved SO much money ….

    I have had the IPad1 – it is slow, but it is very useable.

    I have the Kindle. I will try to take it back when I get home. I have been traveling for months, so they are going to complain. I hope I paid by credit card ….

    The Kindle was a terrible innovation. It is like trying to read an awkward paper-back. OK. But, I cannot read a real sized book with it.

    The Fire is supposed to take on the IPad. Based upon my experience with an IPad and a Kindle, it is safe to say that there is no way they understand where to take hand held reading devices….

    I will blog more on my page about this ….

    Again, great blog! I love it.


    • Thank you I love your blog as well! I went and actually looked at the fire in person and I’m thinking it’s a no go. It’s better than the kindle, but still not 100% of what I’m looking for. Maybe in a few years they’ll have a better solution to this e-reader/tablet problem. It’s like Amazon was trying to create their own niche in between an I-pad and Kindle, but came up short.

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